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NAM #5 Tagua Earrings

NAM #5 Tagua Earrings

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NAM #5 Tagua earrings are a delicate yet playful earrings pair.
Inspired by the geometric lines characteristic of the new National Museum building in Oslo.
Square beads are asymmetrically overlapped to create unique pairs of earrings, handmade with sustainable tagua nuts.


Asymmetrical 9 mm wide x 12 mm long aprox. Attached with surgical steel fastenings. Aprox. 2 grams pair.

Learn more about the tagua nut, the signature material of our ethical jewellery.
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The tagua nut is the signature material of our ethical jewellery. Also known as vegetable ivory, the tagua seeds are the product of the tagua palm, which grows in the northwest areas of South America. The seeds are collected after falling naturally from the palm so not damage is caused to the mature tree.

The metals we use in our jewellery are: Sterling silver and stainless steel.

Our tagua nut accessories are consciously made, naturally beautiful, light weight, sustainable, biodegradable and great to wear!

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Care Instructions

Care for your tagua nut jewellery by avoidin­­g prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperature variations, water or steam.

Polish with natural waxes and shine with a cloth.

Earrings fastenings and chains made of surgical steel, steel plated or sterling silver.

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