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The illegal trade in animal ivory and why it matters

Did you know that elephants are some of the more endangered species on earth? The illegal trade in animal ivory is one of the most profane causes of the unbalancing of whole wildlife populations. Tagua Nut, also known as Vegetable Ivory, is one of the few materials that can resemble the uniqueness and quality that make animal ivory so desirable.Read our blog and sign up to our newsletter for more educational posts about sustainability.

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A guide to summer days in Oslo

I would like to share a little guide to Oslo and places that make my hometown an exciting place to be, tell me if you find any of this of value or which essentials I am missing in this tiny guide :) New to Oslo, visiting for some days or spending your summer in town?  Either way this summer is a great opportunity to be a local supporter of your community and discover the plenty of gems that Oslo has to offer. A young, vibrating city, Oslo is perfectly sandwich between the sea and the endless expanses of forest called Marka. Beaches, islands and forest are all easily accessible just a short ride by public transport, bike or walk. After the...

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Summer! The perfect time to add some splashes of color and let your style shine through, with authentic and unique handmadejewellery designs.

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