Designer Ruta Naujalyte wearing her hand crocheted broaches

An introduction to textile artist Ruta Naujalyte

"It all began in a pile of sewing thread..."

On my “Notes” to you, I would like to continue introducing some of the talented designers, artists and makers that inspire me and that in turn I hope will inspire you with their work.
Meet Ruta Naujalyte, the talented Lithuanian textile artist living and working in Oslo and currently showcasing her meticulously created and unique textile art pieces at The Digital Craft Festival.
There is a placid calm in the middle of all those bundles of creativity crocheted into colorful and perfectly executed bird shapes with their heads whimsically decapitated from their bodies to reveal delicate patterns of hearths or knitted ribbons.
Over her creative years, Ruta has consistently aimed to use the tiniest crochet needles and the thinnest threads in pursue of developing her own technique. 
Intriguing patterns and an exquisite use of colour highlight a palette as rich and prolific as her archive of work. Everywhere in her studio there are earrings, neck-pieces, broach like creations and many many crocheted spheres, half spheres and hearts in all possible sizes.

New pieces often begin without a concrete plan. Pieces develop slowly during the crocheting and evolve to be unique and stunning in their own right. 
Often humor and a hint of macabre find balance in her work, like the decapitated birds that asemble back together with hidden magnets inside their structure.
The broken hearths that pour out their insides, or playful crocheted eyelashes and crocheted finger "tips".
For all the stunning results in her art work, Ruta has a careless freedom in her approach to crocheting, indulging in hours to create individual stories. She tells me that her love of textiles started early on while growing up close to her grandmother, who was a seamstress. There were always threads, textile scraps, buttons available to play.
“I love playing, and this is my playground, my meditation.”

Check out Ruta´s stunning and delicate work and follow her here
Hope you get some inspiration to play and meditate!
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