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Bogotá, clustered high between the Andean mountains and the stars.

Walking in Bogotá    Bogotá
Sharing some good memories of my recent trip to Bogotá to visit my talented artisan partners.
Did you know that Bogotá D.C., the city that saw me grow up, is situated high between the Andean mountain range and 2500 meters
closer to the stars? The Colombian capital is home to great cultural, ethnic, social and gastronomic diversity.
Tagua nut    Tagua Nut
While visiting the talented artisan partners that bring to life my designs I learnt lots more about our making process, our technical challenges and the creative demands of working with natural materials. We also came up with new ways to improve our production while respecting the natural resources and our signature material the tagua nut. 

Street Poet

Want to see one of my most precious memories from my recent visit to Colombia? It is a poem from this young poet sitting in one of Bogotá´s streets in the city center. Armed only with his typewriter, a stool, a bottle of wine and a sign advertising "poems for charity". He only asked what I wanted my poem about: "Surprise me" and Oh boy, he did. Thanks poet, I treasure each word.

Avocado stand in Bogotá    Traditional clay dishes from Colombia
Traditional Textiles from Colombia    Guanabanas
  Colombian Handicraft   Colombian Handicraft
My heart is full of so many experiences and learning and the endless inspiration that is South America for me, the warmth and talent of our people, the variety of our culture, of our language, of our delicious food and of the immense potential in biodiversity and sustainable resources we have to offer to the world.
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