Angélica León x Nasjonalmuseet  =  Solid Light Collection

Angélica León x Nasjonalmuseet = Solid Light Collection

  Nam 1 Bracelet 

New pieces from our popular Solid light collection, our iconic collaboration with the new Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo are back in stock.

If you missed out on any of these sensational designs or if your favorite color combination sold out this summer, your chance to get them is NOW!

Fasade of the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo  Nam 1 Earrings
Nam 1 Earrings  Nam 5 Bracelet

Learn some interesting facts about our Solid Light Collection and our making and creative process:

•It is inspired by the new Nasjonalmuseet building in Oslo and commissioned as an exclusive range of Jewellery for the museum store.
•It was designed over two years before the launch this summer and we had to patiently wait because the pandemic and building works delayed the museums opening.
•The colour card for our Solid Light collection has over 20 colours and tones and there is a specific brief in how colours can be utilised together.
•We use exclusively natural dyes and food colouring to dye our Tagua Nut beads. 
•Even the biggest earrings are ultralight weight.
•We use laser cut techniques to create the sharp angles for some of our beads and every single bead of the collection is finished by hand.
•Many of the “leftovers” of big beads were repurposed to make smaller beads.
•For this restock, we created new earring designs by repurposing the “leftovers” of big beads. More on this later...
Nam 7 Earrings making process  Nam 1 Bracelet Making Process
Solid Light Collection Making Process  Solid Light Collection Making Process
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